brut blanc de noirs










Assemblade de cuvées : 100 % Pinot noir


Puissante et équilibrée, cette cuvée aux arômes de fruits rouges, de pain grillé ou apparaissent des notes miellées saura vous séduire à l'apéritif ou en accompagnement de viandes blanches ou poissons en sauce.


Disponible en Bouteille uniquement


                                                                          Harvests assembly 2013 & 2014


                                                                          100 % de Pinot Noir 



                                                                          An open nose combining notes of honey, toast, peach and red berries.


                                                                                 In the mouth, we have a lively attack with a sensation of power and balance.

                                                                                 The taste is charming with red berries and aromas of toast in which honeyed notes appear.

                                                                                 The finish is long but still with freshness




                                                                          This champagne may be served in apéritif. Also excellent with poultry cooked

                                                                          with a cream sauce and mushrooms or with a fish in a sauce.